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Site Updated 12/07/2010:

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Flight Simulators for the Home PC have been available for many years.

Any person who has ever flown a computer based flight simulator has at one time asked the following questions...

How close is a PC based simulator to flying a real aircraft?

Can practice on a home flight simulator actually help you learn to fly?

Whilst many simulators claim to be "As close to the real thing" as possible, is this really true?

A majority of reviews on Flight Simulators are written by non pilots, usually magazine editorial staff.  Are these people truly qualified to give an authoritative opinion on the reality of aircraft flight models and inertia levels?.  Can they say a simulator is "realistic" if they have never flown an actual aircraft?  

Unfortunately this type of review has been the only source of information for someone wanting the "Ultimate" realistic flight simulator - Until Now!

PC TEST PILOT - Flight Tests by REAL Test Pilots

This site is dedicated to having professional pilots review the latest flight simulation software from the viewpoint of accurate flight dynamics, instrumentation and the ability of the simulator to faithfully re-create the aviation environment.

You will learn how to distinguish a true simulator from a 'game' as we show you which products can provide a "Real World" benefit to current or prospective pilots

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