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Flying an aircraft involves manipulation of three axis controls in response to visual cues and tactile sensations.  Good quality, three axis flight controllers are therefore as essential to the enjoyment and realism of a flight simulator as the quality of the simulator itself. 

Whilst there are many different types of flight controllers on the market, only a handful do justice to the controls of a real aircraft.  Many are simply too light and flimsy to ever give you a true sensation of flying.

For example, inputting full roll deflection in a real aircraft can require up to 16 pounds of pressure on the joystick,  would you be doing your sim justice by using a cheap plastic controller that only requires 1 pound of pressure for full deflection?

Also the type of controller depends on the nature of aircraft - Many light civil aircraft and Ailiners use Flight Yokes or Control Columns whereas military combat and civil aerobatic aircraft use Joysticks.  The simulator enthusiast looking for the most realistic operation of his aircraft should bear this in mind when choosing a controller for their favourite sim.

Our reviews are designed to provide you with advice on purchasing the best possible flight controllers for your simulators.  Though the best may cost a bit more - good quality controls will outlast many computers and even more flight simulators.

An example of a high quality flight controller.

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Thrustmaster's™ top of the line F-22 Pro Joystick

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